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Note a la clientele:

Nous sommes une petite compagnie en demarrage. 

Nous avons peu de produit en stock.  Il est possible quèil y ait un delai de 2 a 3 semaines pour la livraison.  Desole pour les inconvenients.

Nous acception aussi uniquement  PAY PAL comme methode de payement pour l instant, essayez c est facile

Cat Fashion Democracy

For urine, place a sanitary pad inside the suit for protection, do this for cats that spray or pee in the house. Clean up is as easy as changing the sanitary pad as needed. The suit allows your cat to do his litter duty for stool with no issues.  The sanitary pads are not included.


Full body suits (100% polyester) are machine-washable.  You do not have to buy other products on a regular basis, other than sanitairy pads, just wash and dry your suite.  You can save money and the cat has much more style because of the design. The suit is sturdy and can be used daily and is reusable. Very easy to put on the cat providing style and comfort.  His / her tail can move around, no velco to close, only one solid zipper in the back.


Use the CHART to determine the size required, section BODY (see - tab:  Chart for clothing) and use length of the back.

Diaper style Military Full Body Suit

Back Length
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