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Note a la clientele:

Nous sommes une petite compagnie en demarrage. 

Nous avons peu de produit en stock.  Il est possible quèil y ait un delai de 2 a 3 semaines pour la livraison.  Desole pour les inconvenients.

Nous acception aussi uniquement  PAY PAL comme methode de payement pour l instant, essayez c est facile

Cat Fashion Democracy

Montreal and Quebec residents can save on shipping of the Forever Cat Tree.  Contact us to know how.

High quality lifetime cat tree:

  • Your cat tree will remain straight and sturdy throughout the years, with normal use.
  • Tissues stay intact after the wash.
Replacement parts available:
  • All parts can be replaced as needed..
  •  All accessories such as; hammocks, beds, etc, are interchangeable, washable at 60 ° C and dryer safe.
  • Bedding is fixed in place with good quality velcros or nice hooks.
  • 14 cm posts thick are strongly wrapped with 11 mm thick sisal rope.
  • Made of solid wood.

Wooden Parts:

  • Made of 18 mm and 30 mm beech thick
  • Impregnated with parquet varnish.
  • Rubber feet to protect all floor surfaces.

Benefits of a cat tree:

  • Helps the positive behavior.
  • Allows the cat to relax on a cushioned Platform, in a hammock or hollow bed.
Easy to assemble:
  • Step by step with instructions and all tools (bolts 1 cm thick) needed for assembly are included.

Forever Cat Tree, Bordeaux style

  • 1 Wooden Baseplate, 65 cm/65 cm wide, 3 cm thick
    1 Hammock Trough Complete, 50 cm/50 cm
    1 Wooden Hammock, 37 cm/37 cm
    1 Suspending Hammock, 37 cm/40 cm
    1 Round Bed velcro, 57 cm
    1 Crib Velcro, 50 cm
    2 Wooden Plates 50cm/50 cm


    Posts with 11 mm SISAL ropes

    • 1 of 80 cm long
    • 4 of 40 cm long
    • 1 of 38 cm long


    Materials: Microfiber Natural White


    Height: 170 cm
    Width:  70 cm
    Depth:  70 cm
    Weight: 42.5 kg
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