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Note a la clientele:

Nous sommes une petite compagnie en demarrage. 

Nous avons peu de produit en stock.  Il est possible quèil y ait un delai de 2 a 3 semaines pour la livraison.  Desole pour les inconvenients.

Nous acception aussi uniquement  PAY PAL comme methode de payement pour l instant, essayez c est facile

Cat Fashion Democracy

       We have Russian Peterbald cats.

Our cats are rare, exotic and don't shed.


We actually taking a sabbatical of the CATTERY for a indefinite time.

Oriental cat


Our Cattery prides itself with being family oriented.  All of our cats and kittens are raised in our family around two young children.  The kittens are given lots of time to be socialized and introduced to a typical family environment.


The Perfetto cats are spayed and neutered prior to leaving our home, and have all their vaccines up to date.  We will not sell cats that will be declawed.  Queens are tested prior to having kittens and kittens are followed by our veterinarian during their entire stay with us.


Kittens leave with:

  • A copy of the parents pedigree

  • Vaccine Booket

  • TICA letter registration

  • Royal Canin Starter Kit (4 months to 12 months, guide) (applicable kittens only)

  • 6 weeks Pet Insurance




We are always available to answer any questions the new family may have, and we always look forward to updates.

Sphynx cat

Quinn Harley

Siamese cat

Val Ru

Sphynx cat

Ishtar Livia

Peterbald Cats do not shed


          THE PERFECT CAT!