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Note a la clientele:

Nous sommes une petite compagnie en demarrage. 

Nous avons peu de produit en stock.  Il est possible quèil y ait un delai de 2 a 3 semaines pour la livraison.  Desole pour les inconvenients.

Nous acception aussi uniquement  PAY PAL comme methode de payement pour l instant, essayez c est facile

Cat Fashion Democracy

Built sturdy

(The forever ) CAT TREE

  • Sturdy built Germany handmade (high-end quality) cat tree

  • Bedding, hammocks and pillows hold their shape and color does not fade

  • Easy maintenance, bedding, hammocks and pillows are machine washable at 60°C and dryer safe with no zippers

  • interchangeable bedding; hammocks and pillows can be switched around to suit individual needs

  • comfortable, stylish and durable amazing for multi-cat or single cat homes


  • All textiles are made from white nature microfiber, held in place by good quality velcro or sturdy hooks



  • Solid 14 cm thick posts wrapped with 11 mm sisal rope



  • Plates are 18 mm thick beech

  • Base Plate is 30 mm thick beech and comes with rubber feet to protect all floor surfaces

  • All wood is finished in a transparent varnish


Easy to assemble

  • Step by step instructions, bolts (1cm thick) and tool included 

Cat Tree - Bordeaux

170 cm / 5 pi 7 po

$1299 tax included

Cat Tree - Montreal

170 cm / 5 pi 7 po

$1599 tax included




The tunnel in the picture has been used for several years in a cattery.  Cats use it daily as a house or a bed.  That said, the barrel is like new according to the expression of the owner.  Just like the bed on top actually.

The coating on the surface of the barrel, made sure that there are no claw marks.

Tunnel Measurements

  • Height: 83 cm

  • Width:  50 cm

  • Depth:  50 cm

Price:  $549 tax included


Inside, the cat can move from one level to another, without having to go out.

The wooden parts are:

  • made of thick beech.

  • 20 mm thick.

  • impregnated with varnish

The 2 openings have a diameter of 20 cm.  The opennings are protected with a thick rigid plastic.

The inside, the barrel has two Pillows velcros.  They are well padded.  They are also machine washable and dryer safe.

On top, the Bed Velcro Material, 50 cm in diameter, is present and well padded.  It is machine washable and dryer safe.