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Nous sommes une petite compagnie en demarrage. 

Nous avons peu de produit en stock.  Il est possible quèil y ait un delai de 2 a 3 semaines pour la livraison.  Desole pour les inconvenients.

Nous acception aussi uniquement  PAY PAL comme methode de payement pour l instant, essayez c est facile

Cat Fashion Democracy


Forever cat trees are not only used by all living cats in your home, they add style to your living space.  All of your furry babies will enjoy lounging for hours  on confortable beds and hammocks.  Simply place your tree in a sunny space near a window and watch your cat enjoy the outside view.

The materials we use are designed to high durability and stability.  The wooden parts are made of 18 / 30 mm thick multi-ply beech and impregnated with parquet lacquer.  The tribes are heavily enveloped in high quality sisal with a thickness of 11 mm. The coatings are changeable and machine washable at 60 C and dried in a dryer.



Your cat is spraying in the house!

Your elderly cat is incontinent!

Your female is in heat!

We have specialized SUITES and DIAPERS for your cat (males or females).  The pants allows your cat to do the litter duty for stool with no issues.  For urine, you simply have to put a sanitary pad inside the diaper.  Clean up is as easy as changing the sanitary pad as needed.

For a perfect fit (males and females), use our

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All our bedding is machine washable and dryer safe, and our unique designs are made with foam (or silicone) to keep their shape.